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Recovery from the storm: resilience and the role of community capital in long-term disaster recovery in regional Western Australia

Flood mitigation Disaster planning Cities and towns Urban planning Western Australia
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Abstract: At the local level, debilitating hazard events can result in developmental regression causing the collapse of local economies and/or threatening a community’s very existence. Widely debated however, are the factors that contribute to differences in recovery both in terms of capacity and time (Sullivan, 2003). Certain communities can recover using various forms of internal resources or capital which promotes resilience and therefore a capacity to absorb shocks to the system and ultimately facilitate recovery. In order to achieve long-term sustainable recovery in hazard-prone settlements, the factors which contribute to internal community resilience need to be better understood (Rubin, 2010, Apan, et. al., 2010). Through an examination of ‘community capital’, this paper examines the actors and relationships involved in the flood recovery process of a regional community in Western Australia (Moora).

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