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Portable benefits resource guide

13 Jul 2016

The Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative offers a Portable Benefits Resource Guide to give state and local policymakers the tools they need to serve as a catalyst for the creation of a modern social safety net for on-demand economy workers. The Portable Benefits Resource Guide provides context and ideas for action to support both workers and innovation in cities and states, the laboratories of our democracy.

The Portable Benefits Resource Guide builds on the call issued last year by 40 executives and public policy experts, including the Resource Guide’s authors, to begin updating our social safety net to meet 21st century demands. The Guide offers a detailed look at the state of the on-demand workforce and its growing need for portable benefits. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the current thinking on the issue, key questions around the creation of portable benefits systems that need to be asked and answered, and a guide for how policymakers can begin taking concrete steps toward modernizing the social safety net in a way that doesn’t sacrifice work arrangement flexibility for good benefits and other protections.

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