Over the last decade, the rise and accelerating growth of 'on-demand' work or the 'gig economy', driven by rapid technological development and other factors, has challenged traditional workforce and economic arrangements, both internationally and in Australia. Australian governments have now begun to examine this new policy area, both nationally and at the state and territory level, with a view to determining the most appropriate role that government can play in regulating work arrangements.

The terms of reference for this inquiry require the committee to examine how the advancement of technology is changing the world of work, the challenges and opportunities that arise, and the implications for current workplace laws and regulation, the economy and taxation. To date, the committee has conducted eight hearings and received 53 submissions. Due to the breadth of issues covered, the committee will produce two reports for this inquiry.

This first report provides a comprehensive analysis of the on-demand or gig economy in New South Wales, addressing whether current workplace laws and regulation adequately protect these types of workers in New South Wales.

The committee will hold more hearings in early 2022 to gather further evidence for the final report. That report will closely examine two key issues in the terms of reference: the nature and extent of automation and workplace surveillance, including the appropriateness of current legislation and how both issues will further change the nature of work in New South Wales.

Editor's note

The NSW government's response to this report, which was tabled on 4 October 2022, is also available for download.

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