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Millennial money: financial independence and well-being for the next generation

28 Nov 2018

Millennials are as financially knowledgeable as previous generations and are doing OK when it comes to financial well-being, but they face challenges such as housing affordability and student debt repayments that innovative policy should address.

Part One of the report brings together key findings on the current state of financial literacy among Canadian millennials – their challenges, barriers, and priorities. These were drawn from a series of four roundtables held in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Halifax in partnership with the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada and Vancity.

In Part Two, PPF Fellow Jennifer Robson and Research Assistant Andrée Loucks, build on what we heard in the roundtables and review the latest research to explore creative but feasible responses to key financial literacy challenges faced by millennials. Their analysis shows a surprisingly nuanced reality for millennials that merits close attention by policy-makers.

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