The Institute of Public Affairs (IPA)'s Free Speech on Campus Audit 2018 is the third systematic analysis of over 190 policies and actions at Australia's 42 universities. The Audit rates each university's support for free speech by analysing policies and actions that limit the diversity of ideas on campus.

The failure to protect freedom of expression is seriously imperilling the discovery of truth, the core purpose of Australia's universities; student development, which requires debate and challenge; and the future of Australian society, which depends on a tolerance and openness to debate.

In order to protect free speech, it is recommended that Australia's universities:

(1) abolish policies that limit free speech;

(2) introduce a policy that protects intellectual freedom, as mandated by legislation; and

(3) commit to the University of Chicago's sector-leading statement on free expression. If universities are unwilling to take steps to safeguard free expression, the Australian Government should introduce US-style free speech on campus legislation.

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