This study focused on analysing on-the-ground compliance with the current national regulatory frameworks across the EU-28 concerning the energy performance of buildings. The scope of the study required a detailed analysis of these national frameworks and systems, put in place by Member States to help deliver and achieve compliance, specifically in relation to requirements of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) concerning minimum energy performance (MEP) and energy performance certificates (EPCs).

The aim of the study comprised two main elements. First, to attempt to measure compliance at the national level against this national legal basis, seeking evidence of the application and enforcement of national legislation; and second, to analyse the variability in compliance with national legislation across Member States, identifying, where possible, reasons and factors driving different compliance rates, as well as good practices.

At present the Directive does not require Member States to monitor and report on compliance rates. Given that there is a very poor quality and quantity of data available with regards to actual compliance, introducing such a reporting requirement would push Member States to review their current procedures.


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