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Level(s): a guide to Europe's new reporting framework for sustainable buildings

13 Apr 2018

Level(s) provides a unique opportunity for the building sector to focus on the potential of buildings in addressing global challenges. By linking the building’s individual performance to key global and regional priorities, it is assured that buildings designed using the Level(s) framework are realising their full potential in addressing issues such as climate change, environment and health.

Level(s) is the world’s first regional framework to address sustainability in buildings and its ambitious focus on circularity will present some challenges. Therefore, the following issues will need to be addressed during the testing and implementation phase:

  • How to bring Level(s) from theory to practice.
  • How to generate and sustain support for Level(s).
  • How to address the skills gap and educate the workforce.
  • How to access the necessary data.
  • The cost implications of performing an assessment.

The testing phase offers the opportunity for stakeholders from the private sector, public sector and civil society to mobilise their efforts to address these issues and demonstrate their commitment to sustainable buildings.

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