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The independence of regulatory decisions made by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA): report

Agriculture Chemical control Environmental health Public health Livestock Australia

This report is divided into five chapters. Chapter 1 states the inquiry's terms of reference and provides an overview of the use of pesticides and veterinary medicines
in Australia. It concludes by describing the role of the APVMA.

Chapter 2 discusses previous reviews of the APVMA's performance, the decision to relocate the APVMA to Armidale and its consequences, and how the APVMA's performance compares globally.

Chapter 3 sets out a brief history of government charging for services and the charging practices of other regulatory agencies in Australia and internationally. It
examines the APVMA's funding model and perceptions of the authority's independence. The chapter discusses the impact of the charging framework on the
registration of chemicals in Australia, and the use of international data for assessment.

Chapter 4 details the APVMA's processes for chemical reconsideration and the reconsideration practices of regulators internationally. It examines the process for
reconsideration as it applied to glyphosate, and discusses the APVMA's chemical risk approach. It also explores the issue of innovation in the development of products and practices for Australian pests and Australian conditions.

Chapter 5 broadly examines some of the community concerns raised in evidence about decisions made by the regulator. It discusses social licence; perceptions of a conflict in the mandate of the APVMA; the comprehensiveness of the regulator's assessments; the public availability of data; and the regulator's responsiveness to community concerns. The chapter also examines options to formalise contact between industry and the APVMA, and international models for community consultation forums.

Chapter 6 provides the Committee's views and recommendations.

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