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Governance, ethics and leadership in Papua New Guinea – a personal perspective

22 Mar 2019

This paper, in two parts, revolves around personal and practical experiences acquired over the years in the author's capacities as a public servant and private citizen in PNG.

"In part 1 of this blog, I described some of the challenges in Papua New Guinea (PNG) today: the way custom can conflict with state law; the difficulties in upholding elements of our con­stitution that relate to equality; and what happens if we allow our institutions to be weak and ineffective. I also described how I think we can fix these problems — by respecting the rule of law, the constitution and democracy. But in this second part, I wish to focus on ethical leadership and give some examples from my career which I think show how leaders can act in ethical ways when confronted with difficult situations.

While I am no expert on ethical leadership, I can share a few personal examples of some of the most difficult decisions I have had to make in an effort to demonstrate ethics and ethical leadership in practical terms."

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