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Forum Leaders agreed through the Cairns Compact in August 2009 that the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) should establish and report annually to the Pacific islands Forum on a process of regular peer review of Forum Island Countries’ (FICs’) national development planning and budget processes to:

a. promote international best practice in key sectors;

b. improve effective budget allocations and implementation to achieve national development priorities; and

c. guide support from development partners. 

The team considered the Kiribati Development Plan (KDP) 2008-2011, a NEPO report on progress against the KDP for the period January – June 2009, the 2010 budget and the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) assessment of December 2009. Substantive discussions were held with the Ministries of Health, Social and Internal Affairs, Fisheries and Marine Resources, Public Works and Utilities, Communications, Transport and Tourism, and Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives (so covering Ministries responsible for the majority of public expenditure) and with the Chief Secretary, the Finance Secretary and NEPO. A number of Ministries kindly provided their sector strategic plans, where they exist, and Ministry Operational Plans (MOPs). Meetings were also held with the Kiribati Association of NGOs (KANGO) and with the Kiribati Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Government of Kiribati has been considering improvements to its planning, policy, coordination, implementation and financial management processes for some time, and this report does not set out to cover the whole range of proposals for change. In drawing up its recommendations, the peer review team has instead tried to concentrate on practical and short term measures for the Government and development partners to take together to make better use of the overall resources available to the country. 


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