State of the data and digital nation

An overview of data and digital government initiatives across the nation
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The State of the Data and Digital Nation provides an overview of the main data and digital transformation initiatives taking place across our country, at both Commonwealth and State and Territory government levels. Jurisdictions are striving to make Australians’ lives  better, developing and implementing data and digital transformation initiatives to ensure Australia is at the forefront of data and digital policy, programs and service delivery.

This publication has two key purposes:

  1. Increase visibility and transparency of data and digital initiatives across the nation
  2. Identify alignment and areas for collaboration between jurisdictions.

Data and digital initiatives described in this publication are grouped into six key themes:

  1. Policy and Strategy
  2. User Experience
  3. Products and Services
  4. Service Enablers
  5. Internal Capabilities
  6. Data Sharing and Linking

Case studies are shared throughout, highlighting achievements in each jurisdiction.

This publication is not intended to be exhaustive; it only provides a snapshot of work being undertaken across jurisdictions. Providing visibility and transparency is one of several steps in aligning priorities for the Commonwealth and States and Territories to deliver more integrated services, and ensure a unified direction for work on data and digital transformation.

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