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These monthly snapshots introduce some of the latest offerings from academic, government and non-government sources available in the APO Digital Inclusion Collection. This month the snapshot examines three recent reports. Two of these survey digital transformation strategies and initiatives of Australia’s federal and state and territory governments: (1) the Parliamentary Library’s Public Sector Digital Transformation: A Quick Guide; and (2) the Australian Digital Council’s State of the Data and Digital Nation. These reports highlight the substantial investment Australian governments are making in the process of transitioning to digital service provision and data-driven government. However, they also reveal that the digital transformation agenda has primarily focussed on supply-side digital solutions, with limited attention to addressing the demand-side impediments associated with digital exclusion that will influence who gets to enjoy the benefits of such a transformation. Across the ditch, the New Zealand Government has recently made a more explicit connection between digital transformation and digital inclusion through its Digital Inclusion Blueprint. This is the third document examined in this month’s snapshot.


The APO Digital Inclusion Collection features reports, commentary and other grey literature related to digital inclusion in Australia and internationally. The collection is supported by the Centre for Social Impact at Swinburne University.

Dr Chris K. Wilson is curator of the APO Digital Inclusion Collection. Chris is a Research Fellow with the Centre for Social Impact at Swinburne University of Technology and principal analyst for the Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII) project.

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