Independent review into the workplace culture within ACT public health services: final report

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Executive Summary

In September 2018, the ACT Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Meegan Fitzharris MLA issued a statement on workplace culture which committed the ACT Government to an independent review of the culture within the public health services.

This is the Final Report of the Independent Review into Workplace Culture within ACT Public Health Services and follows the Interim Report released in February 2019. The purpose of this report is to present the Review’s findings and recommendations designed to support improvements to the workplace culture across the ACT Public Health System.

Terms of Reference

The Review operated in accordance with the following Terms of Reference:

a) Examine and report on the workplace culture of public health care services in the ACT and provide advice on any systemic and institutional issues. This examination should take into account any examples of best practice workplace culture and professional conduct in the delivery of public health care in the ACT, nationally and internationally.

b) Examine any claims made in relation to inappropriate conduct and behaviours related to the delivery of public health care services in the ACT, and provide advice on:

  • i. best practice responses to such complaints;
  • ii. whether referral of such complaints should be made to any other authority; and
  • iii. what support services should be provided to complainants.

c) Examine and report on the existing workforce policies and complaints management practices to ensure their relevance and appropriateness in achieving satisfactory outcomes for all parties.

d) Provide findings and recommendations for:

  • i. further improving workforce culture across the ACT public health system; and
  • ii. additional support systems required for staff and management engaged in the delivery of public health services in the ACT, including processes, training and professional development.
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