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The Vision for Health Technology outlines how we see technology shaping the way New Zealanders ‘live well, stay well and get well’ in 2026.

The world of technology is advancing rapidly and affecting many aspects of our daily lives such as the way we shop, bank and travel. Health services are also being transformed by emerging technologies, changing what, how, where and when services are provided, as well as who provides them.

The Vision for Health Technology has been developed with engagement from more than 70 health professionals and consumers. Workshops were held in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch over four weeks in April 2017, supported by online discussions. Content for the vision was then created and themes were defined. This is a ‘living’ Vision that will be refined and adapted over time in response to changing needs and emerging technology, as well as feedback from stakeholders. The Vision will guide the development of the Ministry’s Digital Health Strategy and technology strategies by the sector.

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