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The aim of the Research Quality Strategy for the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is to ensure the highest quality and value of NHMRC-funded research through the provision of guidance and support for good research practices throughout the research cycle.

Guiding principles

This Strategy is based on the following guiding principles to ensure high quality research:

  1. Respect – An open, honest and respectful research culture provides a supportive environment conducive to the conduct of high quality research.
  2. Rigour – Research is underpinned by robust scientific methods and avoidance or acknowledgment of biases.
  3. Transparency – Research findings, supporting data and enabling methodologies are shared and communicated openly, responsibly and accurately.
  4. Accountability – Quality research is conducted in accordance with relevant legislation, policies and guidelines.
  5. Innovation – Research oversight recognises the need for incremental and breakthrough innovations balanced with the need for necessary replication.
  6. Efficiency – Research management processes and systems designed to support research should minimise administrative burden while promoting timely reporting and synthesis to ensure that new research is built upon sound foundations.
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