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This is the report of the Science and Technology Committee's inquiry into young people's consumption of energy drinks.

Terms of Reference

The Committee would welcome written submissions addressing this issue, including:

  • The evidence on the potential physical and mental health effects of energy drinks on children and young adults;
  • How marketing affects consumption, including for example links to ‘gaming’;
  • What links there are between use of energy drinks and other behaviours, and whether energy drink consumption drives those behaviours or vice versa;
  • What gaps there are in the evidence-base on these physical, mental and behavioural factors;
  • What the evidence is on the risks being increased, or reduced, through the way energy drinks are consumed;
  • The extent to which drinks being carbonated affects their consumption and marketing;
  • What controls, regulation or awareness-raising are in place for energy drinks;
  • What further controls, regulation or awareness-raising are required, and where responsibility/accountability for that should lie.
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Thirteenth Report of Session 2017–19
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