The national and Victorian landscape within which we operate is undergoing significant change. There are many organisations doing incredible work, from prevention of violence against women through to responding to all forms of family violence. In order to achieve significant, long-term change, there are multiple pieces of the puzzle that need to come together. As an agency with expertise in advocacy, training and leadership across both prevention and response, we believe the unique role we play is in building the capability of professionals, organisations and systems. As a result, women and children living with violence will receive the best possible support and efforts to prevent this form of violence from happening at all will, in the long term, be more successful.

This strategy has been developed in consultation with a wide range of key stakeholders. We listened and responded to the insights gained through this process to ensure we are directing our efforts where they can achieve the greatest impact for women and their children. Through the process of developing this strategy, our stakeholders told us that:

  • Our feminist lens enables the work of others and we need to build on our strong feminist history;
  • We should step more deeply in to our leadership role in workforce and industry development across both prevention and response;
  • Our advocacy efforts around systemic reform are imperative and must continue;
  • We must build on our strengths in training and extend these to building the capability of a range of audiences to facilitate greater sustainable impact;
  • We can’t be all things to all people so need to focus where we can have greatest impact; and
  • Partnerships and collaboration are important and should continue to be a feature of how we work under the new strategy.
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