This report sets out the vision and actions to tackle the persistent gendered inequalities women and men face across their lives, supporting them to contribute to the country’s economy and balance caring responsibilities with a rewarding career.

It addresses eight key drivers of inequality:

  1. Limiting attitudes to gender can hold women and men back across their lives
  2. Women tend to work in lower paid sectors and occupations, and are less likely to progress
  3. The working age benefts system hasn’t always tackled the disadvantages that women and those with caring responsibilities face
  4. Women take more time out of the labour market to care for children
  5. Women are providing more informal care and unpaid work for others
  6. Some women face barriers returning to or entering the labour market
  7. Women are more likely to face fnancial instability later in life, due to decisions taken throughout working life
  8. We need to ensure that we sustain strong foundations for the future

This plan is accompanied by A case for change, which examines in greater depth the factors that underlie gendered differences in work and pay, and the Gender Equality Monitor

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