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Discussion paper

Bridging the divide: the experiences of low-income households excluded from the private rental sector in Australia

29 Apr 2011

This paper sets out the research and conceptual parameters for a study examining re-entry into permanent housing following various conditions of forced exit from the private rental market.

In order to investigate this process of transition and movement through housing, the study adopts a perspective of the total housing economy. The total housing economy includes the provision of housing and accommodation services through the private, social and not-for-profit sectors, as well as the personal strategies, and relationships that underpin people’s engagement with, and transition through, various forms of accommodation and housing.

The Positioning Paper is the first output of the research project, and it identifies the theoretical and policy significance for empirical fieldwork that will take place across a number of sites in Queensland. The project aims to answer the following research questions:

1. In circumstances of ‘forced exit’ from the private rental sector, what specific housing/non-housing needs arise among different categories of householders? What forms of housing insecurity/security arise and persist in the processes of housing transition?

2. Following ‘forced exit’ from the private rental sector, by what means do householders acquire housing (and other basic goods and services)? What material resources, competencies and relationships assist people to improve the housing security of their household in transition/s and in what ways are such things provided or impeded? What relationships and services do householders engage (or distance themselves from) to obtain housing?

3. Are current and newly emerging modes of housing service delivery (products/services/relationships),    service    integration    and    inter-sectoral partnerships geared to provide improved security of housing for householders experiencing forced exit from the private rental sector?

Authors: Patricia Short, Cameron Parsell, Rhonda Phillips and Nicola Seage.

Image: Chris Devers / flickr

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