Patricia Short


Bridging the divide: householder and service provider experiences of forced exits from private rental in Queensland

This report presents the results of a project investigating forced exits from private rental accommodation in Queensland. It sought to understand practitioner responses and systems of service integration to assist these people be reintegrated back into suitable accommodation.
Discussion paper

Bridging the divide: the experiences of low-income households excluded from the private rental sector in Australia

This paper sets out the research and conceptual parameters for a study examining re-entry into permanent housing following various conditions of forced exit from the private rental market. In order to investigate this process of transition and movement through housing, the study adopts a perspective...

Risk assessment practices in the private rental sector implications for low income renters

This report focuses on risk-assessment practices in the private rental market, with particular consideration of their impact on low-income renters. It is based on the fieldwork undertaken in the second stage of the research process.
Journal article

Tenancy Databases, Professional Practices and Housing Access among Low-Income Tenants in the Private Rental Sector in Australia

This essay addresses the impacts of electronic tenancy databases upon social relations in the field of private rental tenancy in Australia.

Tenancy databases in the context of tenure management: risk minimisation and tenant outcomes in the private rental sector

This Positioning Paper outlines a research program examining the emergence of tenancy databases - their uses and impacts - in the context of key issues of tenure management in the Australian private rental sector. Included in this paper is an outline of the range and...