Here for health: ACON strategic plan 2019-2022

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As ACON moves into its 35th year and beyond, we have developed a strategic plan which reflects the changing nature of the health needs of our communities, and of the broad range of people, experiences and identities that make up who we are here for.

For our entire history ACON has been of and for the communities we work with. Our early years were defined by community coming together to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in NSW, and as we have grown, we have been proud to work with a diverse range of people to ensure their voice, heart and health needs are represented in the work we do.

This plan has been developed in consultation with community, staff and other stakeholders including funding bodies, service delivery partners and research organisations.

In the development of the plan, we were faced with a number of challenging questions and have endeavoured to deliver a plan that will best allow us to meet our ongoing commitment to be Here for health.

We recognise that ACON has a long history, and much of that history has been focused on our response to HIV/AIDS and gay men, but in the last few years ACON has worked hard to be here for the health of a much broader spectrum of people in our communities. Research, both from within ACON and externally, shows us that our communities are broad, diverse and intersectional, with a range of under-addressed or unmet health needs. This strategic plan is reflective of our desire to work across this diversity.

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