Evaluation of the Tasmanian legal assistance sector: final report

Legal services government funding Tasmania

In December 2016, the then Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, the Hon Vanessa Goodwin MLC, requested that the Department of Justice conduct a review of the legal assistance sector in Tasmania. The request was in response to the reduction of funding to the sector via the National Partnership Agreement (NPA) on Legal Assistance Services 2015–2020.

The review was overseen by a Steering Committee (the Committee), which consists of representatives from government and non-government organisations. The Committee’s task was to consider the appropriateness of the current funding allocations and services delivered by the legal assistance sector, and provide recommendations to improve the efficiency of the sector where possible.

The review comprised of a detailed analysis of available documentation regarding the Tasmanian legal assistance sector, extensive consultation, and a formal process for written submissions. The findings outlined in this report will assist in informing future Tasmanian government funding arrangements for the legal assistance sector.

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