In March 2019, ASPI, with the sponsorship of Oracle, coordinated the ASPI–Oracle Innovation Framework Workshop.

The workshop brought together subject-matter experts from federal law enforcement agencies, academia and the private sector to explore the feasibility of a Commonwealth law enforcement innovation framework (CLEIF).

This followed a 2018 research project that explored the current state of innovation in law enforcement. That research was based on a case study of innovation in Australia’s federal anti-money-laundering (AML) provisions.

The research project was underpinned by three key questions:

  1. How can technology enhance the identification of money-laundering offences?
  2. How can law enforcement bring together technology and policy to ensure more agile AML decision-making?
  3. How can law enforcement agencies gain faster access to new AML technologies and capabilities?

The report’s central argument was that the current ecosystem for technological innovation in AML needs to be enhanced to engage with the dual challenge of disruptive technology and the integration of pockets of AML excellence into a holistic whole-of-government program.

While the research was focused on technology and AML, it has broader application to law enforcement technological innovation.

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