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Avoiding the 3 ‘M’s: accurate use of violence, abuse and neglect statistics and research to avoid myths, mistakes and misinformation

A resource for NSW Health workers
Family violence Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Sexual assault Harmful sexual behaviour Public health Child abuse New South Wales
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This resource was produced as a companion document to the slide pack of downloadable infographics developed as part of the Integrated Violence, Abuse and Neglect Statistics and Research Project. ‘Violence, abuse and neglect’ is used by NSW Health as an umbrella term for three types of interpersonal violence that are widespread in Australian communities: domestic and family violence; sexual assault; and all forms of child abuse and neglect. Increasingly, children and young people with problematic or harmful sexual behaviours are presenting to NSW Health services. This group often also have personal experiences of abuse and neglect.

The Project has developed infographics and fact sheets to help NSW Health workers, practitioners and policy makers understand and communicate relevant violence, abuse and neglect statistics and research accurately and succinctly and to dispel myths, mistakes and misinformation about them. This resource provides a detailed breakdown of the statistics and research used in the infographics and the project's accompanying fact sheets, including information on: prevalence, characteristics and impacts of violence, abuse and neglect; co-occurrence and revictimisation; domestic and family violence risk assessment and safety management; gender, diversity and 'vulnerability'; representing statistics and research in context, and public heaalth approaches to prevention and response.

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