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Protection of Indigenous Knowledge in the intellectual property system: consultation report

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Following the conclusion of the Indigenous Knowledge Consultations on 1 February 2019, IP Australia undertook further work based on stakeholder responses. This report provides a summary record of the feedback we received through our roundtables, written submissions, and the online survey.

Stakeholders provided valuable information, insights and experience to IP Australia through the consultation process. When looking at all the feedback, the following high-level themes emerged:

  • Control – Indigenous people want to be able to control who uses Indigenous knowledge and how it is used.
  • Protection – Indigenous people are seeking measures that can prevent unauthorised use of their knowledge and impose sanctions against misappropriation.
  • Recognition – Indigenous people want to be recognised as the owners of their Indigenous knowledge.
  • Respect – Indigenous people want their ownership of Indigenous knowledge and the cultural protocols associated with it to be respected.

IP Australia will develop communications material to increase awareness and understanding about the use and misappropriation of Indigenous Knowledge.

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