Specialist Homelessness Sector: workforce capability framework

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The Specialist Homelessness Sector (SHS) has a proud history of supporting Victorians, at risk of or experiencing homelessness. The sector is recognised as a vital safety net for people experiencing the greatest disadvantage.

Homelessness services in Victoria work to provide:

  • access to safe, secure and affordable housing;
  • the support needed to help people overcome the barriers to keeping a home; and
  • connections to the physical, personal and community resources that foster a sense of belonging

Safe and secure housing is fundamental to health and well-being. It is foundational to people’s capacity to participate in work and community activities, as well as underpinning the care of dependent children.

The framework can be used to:

  • Clarify the expectations of practitioners
  • Support the recruitment of new staff by articulating required knowledge, skills and attributes
  • Identify and develop learning and professional development opportunities to enhance practitioner skills
  • Support supervision and annual performance planning and reviews with staff
  • Identify or assess the strengths or performance of an individual or a team, to enable the sharing of ‘best practice’ across the sector.


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