The development of Balit Murrup: Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing framework is a key commitment under Victoria’s 10-year mental health plan. It is also a companion document to Korin Korin Balit-Djak: Aboriginal Health, Wellbeing and Safety Strategic Plan 2017–2027.
Balit Murrup is underpinned by a comprehensive analysis of the case for change.

Key Findings:

  • Self-determination is recognised as essential to overcome the disadvantage that Aboriginal people experience. Government and services will support the leadership role of Aboriginal communities and organisations in the planning, delivery, evaluation and measurement of services delivered to Aboriginal people, including social and emotional wellbeing, mental health and healing and recovery services.
  • Strengthening access to culturally responsive social and emotional wellbeing and mental health services. More Aboriginal people need to have access to culturally appropriate treatment and care.
  • By improving the social and emotional wellbeing and mental health of Aboriginal people, families and communities, we can make a significant contribution to reducing the incidence, severity and duration of mental illness and suicide.
  • In Balit Murrup, mental health and related services for Aboriginal people need to be designed and delivered incorporating Aboriginal concepts of social and emotional wellbeing, and supported by Aboriginal leadership.
  • With suicide rates among Aboriginal people rising, Victorian Aboriginal families and community members are experiencing greater distress and profound grief. Aboriginal young people, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse and intersex (LGBTI) people are particularly at risk of suicide and self-harm, as are prisoners immediately following release.
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