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To address today’s complex social challenges requires developing a better understanding of the problems as people experience and perceive them across communities as well as identifying innovative solutions to those problems by tapping the collective intelligence of diverse and creative experts. Collective intelligence is a powerful tool for developing better policy. When used well and by taking advantage of the efficiencies of new technology, such engagement can foster a two-way conversation about both problems and solutions that can lead to more informed and, thus, more effective and legitimate policymaking

This report recommends eight tech-enabled dialogic mechanisms for open and engaged policymaking to take advantage of collective intelligence.


  1. Use AI-clustering to understand problems at scale.
  2. Use a representative citizen panel to understand problems.
  3. Use open innovation to craft innovative solutions.
  4. Use a prize-backed challenge as an incentive.
  5. Use “Smarter Crowdsourcing” to get expert input.
  6. Use an annotation platform to write policy together.
  7. Use online social auditing to evaluate policy.
  8. Use telephone town halls for a low-tech approach.


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