Ngā Tau Mīharo o Aotearoa: Incredible Years Parenting Programme - social impact report

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This report is one of the first Social Return on Investment (SROI) analyses to investigate the impact of the IYP Programme on Māori. It describes the SROI analysis of the Incredible Years Parenting (IYP) Programme delivered by Te Whānau o Waipareira in New Zealand. The Incredible Years Parenting (IYP) programme, is an effective evidence-based intervention to address conduct problems in children. It is an internationally recognised parent management training programme designed to improve parental capabilities to promote emotional and social competence in children and to prevent, reduce and treat conduct problems. To reduce child conduct problems in Māori, it is critical that parenting interventions are effective for and acceptable to Māori. 

Key Findings:

Value created:

  • Investment - $484,196.25
  • Social value generated - $1,815,855.75
  • Forecast value created over three years exceeds the investment.

The SROI analysis revealed the story of change and value created as a result of the IYP programme and its unique service delivery at Waipareira. The parents and caregivers experienced significant change as a result of the IYP programme. These outcomes included:

  • Being a better parent
  • Improved parent-child relationships
  • Family as a unit
  • Reduced stress and improved mental well being
  • Feeling worthy and confident
  • Having a safe environment
  • Feeling supported
  • Access child custody or reduced risk of losing child guardianship
  • Feeling supported with access to other services
  • Increased social engagement
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