This Corporate Plan has been formulated following a significant milestone of a decade as the Torres Strait Island Regional Council (TSIRC). The entity they are today represents 15 unique island communities, forming in March 2008 as part of the State Government’s amalgamation policy. The council's newly endorsed vision and mission to be “an autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council" was fundamental to the development of this Corporate Plan (2020-2025), providing an executable framework for consultation with each of their 15 communities, and ultimately leading to a strategic focus areas of people, sustainability and prosperity.

Key Findings:

  • TSIRC plans to advocate and partner with Organisations to capture History (and Story), Language, Song and Dance from Elders and the Community, and to work with their State Library to ensure community accessibility to information through Indigenous Knowledge Centre (IKC).
  • There is also a plan to work with relevant nation-wide stakeholders to facilitate delivery of a regional arts protocols workshop.
  • There will be advocating and assistance in the facilitation for the return of sacred objects, and strategic planning for the protection and preservation of sacred sites.
  • Further investigatation into the establishment of regional, cluster, or individual cultural centres.
  • TSIRC will advocate for greater solutions to unregistered or unsolicited community visits, border movements and intruders.

The delivery and associated performance of this plan will be reviewed quarterly with Council’s Elected Representatives and Executive Personnel as part of the operational planning process. Integral to this process is our co-ordinated Risk Management monitoring in all areas of operations, which provides assurance that Council’s resources are allocated to meet legislated obligations and community expectations.

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