This Ugul Malu Kawal Indigenous Protected Area Plan of Management has been developed by the Badulgal, Boigulgal, Dauanalgal, Goemulgal and Saibailgal Traditional Property Owners of Warul Kawa/Leberen, Awaial Kawa/Kiss Ilan and NorWes Sandbank/Turu Cay, with the support of the Maluilgal (Torres Strait  Islander) Corporation Registered Native Title Body Corporate (RNTBC).

Key Findings:

  • Traditional cultural connections extend west and south to the Australian mainland and the Gulf of Carpentaria, and to the north east towards the greater  island of Papua (Papua New Guinea and the Indonesia territory of Irian Jaya).
  • The sacred names of places located in these Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs), and the deeper spiritual meaning of these names, may only be shared at the discretion of senior Traditional Property Owners. Ownership of sacred cultural information remains with the senior decision-makers and leaders of the respective peoples.
  • The Ugul Malu Kawal IPA provides essential marine (sea) and terrestrial (land) habitats for many culturally unique and ecologically significant animal and plant species. In both Guda Maluilgal and Maluilgal worldviews all things are connected - the sacredness of this IPA as a whole is not separate to the sacredness of the area’s animals or its plants
  • Guda Maluilgal and Maluilgal Traditional Property Owners of the Ugul Malu Kawal IPA have identified six (6) critical threats or threatening processes which are currently impacting, or have the potential to significantly impact on our IPA’s sacred seas, islands, reefs, cultural sites and totems, animals and plants.
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