Caretakers of this land: a strategy for Aboriginal Partnerships in the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Region

Indigenous land management land care Cultural awareness Community development Eyre Peninsula South Australia
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The Eyre Peninsula (EP) Natural Resources Management (NRM) region has always been home to diverse Aboriginal communities.

It is expected that this strategy document be used as a basis for developing partnerships with different Aboriginal organisations in the EP region and with the NREP. It should be treated as a living, evolving strategy as opportunities and priorities change.

Key Findings:

  • The use of Aboriginal traditional knowledge and experience is critical to effective land and water management and Aboriginal people are important partners and participants in contemporary natural resource management.
  • While each partner has the potential to contribute unique perspectives, skills and knowledge to achieving natural resource management goals, all partners and partnership strategies must be consistent with the Eyre Peninsula Regional NRM Plan.
  • Information and knowledge regarding natural resource management will be shared and communicated in a culturally appropriate way.
  • Aboriginal cultural diversity, knowledge and obligation to country is acknowledged, respected and incorporated into decision making.
  • Ensure that Aboriginal people in the EP NRM region are engaged and actively participating in natural resource management policies, plans and actions.
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