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How can we support people in social housing to gain and maintain employment? An Evidence Check

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This FACSIAR Evidence to Action Note identifies the best ways to support social housing tenants gain and maintain employment.

Key points:

  • An Evidence Check was undertaken to identify the best ways to support social housing tenants to gain and maintain employment.
  • The findings offer direction to organisations considering the design of employment programs for young adults in social housing.
  • Employment programs targeted at social housing tenants and people who receive social housing assistance appear to have potential individual economic and wellbeing benefits.
  • Programs that include several different support services, including on-site support, case management, and mentoring, appear to be more effective. Programs that include social support and financial incentives also appear to be effective.
  • There are, however, significant gaps in the evidence. Further evidence on the elements that make up successful employment programs is needed.
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