This Torres Strait Regional Adaptation and Resilience Plan details how climate change will impact the region’s communities and land and sea country, and what steps can be taken to reduce the likely impacts in order to ensure the region has a strong viable future. The Torres Strait Adaptation and Resilience Plan has been developed by the Torres Strait Regional Authority in collaboration with the Torres Strait Island Regional Council and Torres Shire Council.

For many years now, our communities have noticed changes in the seasons and tides that indicate different patterns to our traditional knowledge. Since 2007 we have been undertaking scientific investigations of key climate related changes in our region. We are already seeing changes in sea levels, coastal erosion,shifts in seasonality of weather patterns and impacts on our sea country. These trends are expected to continue into the future and have the potential to cause significant disruptions to our wellbeing, culture and environment.

It is timely to take serious action to address the impacts that climate change will continue to bring to the Torres Strait. This Plan considers those impacts and proposes a number of strategies and actions that will prepare the region for the future. Climate change impacts are greater in vulnerable communities compared to those that are better resourced and less vulnerable and so the challenge for the Torres Strait is significant, putting us on the front line of climate change impacts. It is for this reason this Plan focuses both on climate impacts as well as reducing our vulnerability through building our resilience.

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