This document, the Self-Determination Reform Framework, is intended to guide public service action to enable self-determination in line with government’s commitments in the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework  2018- 2023 (VAAF). It also provides an architecture for reporting on this action.
The purpose of this framework is to provide guidance for whole of government and departmental transformation to enable self-determination and provide a consistent approach to reporting on government’s efforts to enable self-determination. .

Key Findings:

  • Treaty will provide the foundation for a new, positive relationship between the State and Aboriginal Victorians by determining how each party’s priorities, interests and responsibilities can be realised together into the future.
  • Government action to enable self-determination acknowledges that Aboriginal Victorians hold the knowledge and expertise about what is best for themselves, their families and their communities.
  • This Framework is designed to be dynamic, with actions that are updated over time as the public sector becomes more advanced and proficient at embedding approaches to enable greater self-determination into its core business. Departments will report yearly on their self-determination reform to encourage regular reflection, collaboration and innovation.
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