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Innovative models of care are defined in this review as those that are not widely available in Australia. The approaches that are included in this report are complex interventions that impact on a person’s whole care environment or models of care, rather than single-modality therapies or therapies targeted at a single aspect of care (e.g. interventions targeted specifically at behaviour). Models of care to provide medical (health) care services including those that integrate social and health care or palliative care are not included. Supportive approaches that are not considered innovative models of care are also described for some diverse populations.

The review involved conducting rapid scoping reviews to identify categories of innovative models of care. This was supplemented with systematic reviews on key identified approaches, reviews of reviews, grey literature searching and contact with experts. This approach did not provide an exhaustive list of all innovative models of care nor list every example of a particular category. Instead, it highlighted key innovative approaches and examples.

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