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Transforming harmful gender norms in Solomon Islands

A study of the Oxfam Safe Families Program
Family violence Gender equality Program evaluation Sexual assault Violence against women Solomon Islands

This report outlines the findings from a qualitative study and process evaluation to assess the implementation of Oxfam’s Safe Families program in Solomon Islands. The study sought to understand the processes of shifting harmful social norms that drive family and sexual violence in Solomon Islands.

The study provides insights into the strict gendered norms and gendered roles at individual, relationship and community levels in Solomon Islands, and the practice of bride price and how these practices, norms, and attitudes relate to violence against women.

Key recommendations for the future implementation of the Safe Families Program:

  1. Work with communities to ensure interventions are transformative of attitudes, norms and behaviour, and not limited to awareness-raising.
  2. Ensure the program emphasises the benefits of gender equality to the community.
  3. Actively shift social norms around corporal punishment.
  4. Continue to build on the role modelling approach.
  5. Include the subject of bride price in program messaging and community dialogues on VAW.
  6. Monitor and evaluate the implementation and the impact of the program.
  7. Adopt more engaging and creative approaches, such as arts, dance, drama, sports, radio and television.
  8. Focus on children and young people.
  9. Explore potential links between the Safe Families program and other community development and economic programs.
  10. Optimise and refine pilots, utilising the lessons learnt to scale-up activities.
  11. Ensure a collaborative co-design process for the development of prevention initiatives.






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