This report presents findings from the 2008 National Dental Telephone Interview Survey. A random sample of Australians from all states and territories were interviewed.
Variations in recent dental visiting and self-reported oral health status of Australian adults aged 18 years and over are presented. Comparisons are made between age groups on the bases of: holding an Australian Government Concession card (cardholders vs. non-cardholders); usual reason for making a dental visit (check-up vs. problem); experience of financial barriers to using dental care; and remoteness area of residence.
Overall, 6% of adults were edentulous (had lost all their teeth), while 94% of adults had one or more natural teeth. Edentulism (the loss of all natural teeth) was more prevalent in older persons. After controlling for age, people from low-income households and cardholders experienced higher levels of edentulism. Among dentate persons (those with teeth), cardholders and persons from low-income households were more likely to experience higher levels of tooth loss and report that they were wearing a denture.

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