Information based interventions for injury recovery

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Vehicle-related traumatic injuries are a major public health problem.

A leading cause of both morbidity and mortality, motor vehicle-related injuries cause a range of physical, cognitive and psychological disabilities that may seriously impact on the quality of life of affected individuals and their families. There is now substantial evidence that provision of compensation arising from personal injury, such as transport injury, causes harm.
A number of local and international research studies now suggest that interaction with the compensation system itself is a source of frustration for those injured and may impact client outcomes. Conversely, within the cohort of people with compensable injury, compensation systems have a unique opportunity to positively impact the client‟s recovery by providing effective and efficient treatment and rehabilitation services, information and education to the injured person.
Compensation authorities are well positioned to promote information and education based interventions to facilitate the recovery of injured persons following transport accidents. In this context it is important to review the academic literature regarding effective information and education based interventions for promoting recovery from injury to determine approaches that may be applicable in the Australian injury compensation setting.

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