Guide for major hazard facilities - developing a safety case outline

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This paper provides major hazard facility operators with information to develop a safety case outline.

A safety case outline is a plan for the preparation of a safety case for a major hazard facility (MHF). It is essentially a project plan for the preparation of the safety case. A well-developed safety case outline will help the MHF operator to plan for and produce a safety case that meets the requirements of Chapter 9 of the Work Health and Safety Regulations.

The safety case outline sets out information, including a timetable, to explain how the MHF operator will prepare a safety case that meets these requirements. It should provide a clear picture of what the operator will do, how and when.

The safety case outline may also be used by the regulator to plan its interactions (such as site visits or requests for further information).

The intended outcome is a safety case outline that meets regulatory requirements and will be used by the operator as a project plan for the preparation of an acceptable safety case delivered on time to the regulator.

The safety case itself is a written presentation of technical, management and operational information about the hazards and risks that may lead to a major incident at a MHF, and the control of these hazards and risks. In the safety case, the MHF operator provides justification for the measures the operator has taken to ensure the safe operation of the MHF. By focusing attention on major incident prevention, the safety case can improve safety at the MHF.

The safety case forms part of the MHF operator’s application for a MHF licence. Details about the information required in a safety case are provided in the Guide for Major Hazard Facilities: Preparation of a Safety Case.

This Guide forms part of a set of guidance material for MHFs that includes information on:

  • Notification and Determination
  • Safety Assessment
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Preparation of a Safety Case
  • Safety Case: Demonstrating the Adequacy of Safety Management and Control Measures
  • Information, Training and Instruction for Workers and Other Persons at the Facility
  • Providing Information to the Community
  • Emergency Plans.
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