4510.0 - Recorded Crime - Victims, Australia, 2011

7 Jun 2012

These statistics provide indicators of the level and nature of recorded crime victimisation in Australia and a basis for measuring change over time. As not all crimes are reported to or recorded by police, other data sources can assist in providing a more comprehensive view of crime levels in society.

During 2011, there were 55,382 motor vehicle thefts recorded by police, up 1.1% from 2010.

Unlawful entry with intent also increased in 2011, up 0.6% from 2010 to 218,193 incidents in 2011. A residential location was the most common place for motor vehicle thefts (43%) and incidents of unlawful entry with intent (71%).

Females were more likely to be victims of sexual assault (85%), or kidnapping/abduction (60%). The street or footpath was the most common location for incidents of kidnapping and abduction (46%) and robbery (43%). Females aged 15–19 had the highest victimisation rate for sexual assault (546 victims per 100,000), at a rate of more than four times the overall female rate of sexual assault (129 victims per 100,000).

Males were more likely to be victims of homicide and related offences (68%). This was also the case for robbery (60%) and blackmail/extortion (59%). Male victims aged 15–19 had the highest victimisation rate for robbery (265 victims per 100,000 persons), more than three times the overall male victimisation rate for robbery (73 victims per 100,000).

Most incidents of murder (66%), attempted murder (56%) and sexual assault (59%) took place in a private residential location.

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