Positive pathways for Victoria’s vulnerable young people

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The Victorian Government recognises that some young people require particular support and intervention to do well in life. This is ideally provided early in life and early in the occurrence of a problem. However, the current service system is complex and difficult for young people and families to navigate. By promoting and facilitating a more collaborative approach to services, there is the opportunity for government and service providers to work together more effectively to provide the necessary holistic supports that will enable more vulnerable young people to have positive life outcomes.
For the purposes of this framework, vulnerable young people are described as: young people who, through a combination of their stage of life, individual, family and community circumstances and barriers to participation, are at risk of not realising their potential to achieve positive life outcomes.
Positive pathways for Victoria’s vulnerable young people: A policy framework to support vulnerable youth (the framework) is the result of widespread consultation and feedback from the Vulnerable Youth Framework discussion paper. The framework sets out the Victorian Government’s commitment to better support vulnerable young people and their families, moving towards improved integration of services, stronger localised approaches and earlier and more effective responses for these young people and their families.
The framework is structured around five focus areas to guide existing and future development in youth services across Victoria at a statewide and local level. These focus areas address both the needs of young people and the systems that deliver services. They have been validated through numerous public forums and written submissions.
The actions and targeted investments within the framework seek to ensure that vulnerable young Victorians are supported to achieve the same outcomes that are sought for all young Victorians – that they have a strong sense of belonging, are motivated to create and share in opportunities and are valued for their contributions and influence in their communities.

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