Corrective services, Australia, March 2012

14 Jun 2012

Based on first day of the month averages, for the March quarter 2012 there were 29,226 persons in full-time custody and 53,763 persons in community-based corrections.

This comprises an increase of 822 persons (3%) in full-time custody from the March quarter 2011, and a decrease of 994 persons (2%) in community-based corrections for the same period. This represents a decrease of 172 persons (less than 1%) in corrective services from the March quarter 2011.

This publication presents information on persons in custody and community-based corrections. The statistics are derived from information provided to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) from administrative records held by corrective services agencies in each state and territory, and from the Australian Government Attorney-General's Department for details on federal prisoners. Details are provided for each state and territory on: prisoner numbers and imprisonment rates by type of custody; prisoner numbers by legal status for all prisoners and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prisoners; the number of sentenced receptions into custody; the number of federal prisoners; the numbers and rates of persons serving community-based corrections orders; and data on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status of persons in community-based corrections.

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