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The Wuhan coronavirus and its impact on China’s foreign relations – part one

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The COVID-19 pandemic, which has swept through many parts of the world, had infected over 330,000 people globally at the time of writing and caused around 15,000 deaths by 23 March. In Australia, the number of confirmed cases has moved past 1,700, with 37 per cent of those being reported between 21 March and 23 March. 

Key points:

  • China has semi-officially denied that the coronavirus that is currently sweeping across the world originated there.
  • Beijing has also claimed that it is a role model in its handling of the pandemic.
  • Those claims are vigorously disputed by Western countries.
  • The West is also becoming increasingly exasperated with China’s lies, double standards and apparent willingness to steal, blackmail and coerce.
  • The West is now re-evaluating its individual and collective relationships with China.
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