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This Global Renewables Outlook reviews the ongoing energy transformation with closer examination of needs and impacts at the regional level, in both energy and socio-economic terms. Going further than the previous studies, this report also outlines a vision for transformative energy policies as the conduit to the creation of a deeply decarbonised global society. On the innovation and technology side, the study grapples with reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in challenging sectors, such as shipping, aviation and heavy industry. Addressing such challenges soon will be crucial to achieve net-zero emissions in the second half of the century.

  • Chapter 1 provides an overview of IRENA’s Renewable Energy Roadmap (REmap) energy transformation analysis, highlighting key technology solutions and a vision for a global energy pathway to 2050.
  • Chapter 2 highlights the global socio-economic implications of the energy transformation using the indicators GDP, employment and welfare.
  • Chapter 3 outlines regional techno-economic transformation pathways to 2050.
  • Chapter 4 describes regional variations in the socio-economic indicators.
  • Chapter 5 explains how to reduce energy and industrial process-related CO2 emissions to zero and offers solutions for challenging sectors.
  • Chapter 6 discusses the comprehensive policy package, massive resource mobilisation and enhanced international co-operation needed to accelerate the transformative decarbonisation for a sustainable society and to ensure a just transition.

In addition, key data and indicators for 10 regions are provided at the end of the report.

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