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This report documents the development of a comprehensive Monitoring Framework and Indicators to measure and track inequalities between people with and without disability in relation to exposure to well-established social determinants of health and wellbeing.

It was developed by researchers at the Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health (CRE-DH), with input from the Partner Advisory Group and an Expert Panel of Advice comprising people with lived experience of disability, to ensure that the Monitoring Framework and Indicators comprehensively capture the health, social, economic and wellbeing issues that are important and meaningful to people with disability.

Two complementary suites of indicators have been developed to sit within the structure of the Monitoring Framework:

  • Person indicators: These will be used to report national baseline data on exposure to social determinants of health and wellbeing for people with and without disability, and to track change over time, including changes in absolute and relative inequalities.
  • Area indicators: These will be used to explore socio-spatial patterning of social determinants of health and wellbeing, and investigate the contribution of area-level variables in the relationship between disability, health and the social determinants of health and wellbeing.

Key next steps for this work include reporting national data for the person indicators and area indicators. Analyses using the indicator data will be conducted to identify possible intervention points to address socially-produced inequalities between people with and without disability. The CRE-DH also aims to work with governments and statutory agencies responsible for data collection and reporting to address data gaps and limitations that have been identified through this work.

It is anticipated that the Monitoring Framework will be embraced by a diversity of stakeholders in the disability sector and beyond as a valuable tool to inform public discussion and effective policy responses. We will continue to actively engage with stakeholders, including people with disability and their representative organisations, to further develop and disseminate this work.

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