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Visual Management (VM) has gained a prominent place in the Lean Production Philosophy, and is strongly connected to the core principle of increasing process transparency. However, the use of VM in construction sites is still relatively limited, and there is not much literature on the implementation of this principle. This paper proposes guidelines for devising and assessing VM systems in construction sites. It is based on a set of benchmarking studies, and on an empirical study conducted in a housebuilding firm that is widely recognised as a leading company in the implementation of Lean Construction in Brazil. Initially, an overall assessment of the VM system implemented in one construction site was conducted. Then, a more focused analysis was made on the installation of drywall internal partitions. The main contributions of this investigation are related to the need of integrating visual devices in the managerial routines of the company, as well as to the difficulties of providing autonomy to the production crews, and the need of decentralized production controls.

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