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MEP systems are complex system representing a considerable portion of commercial and industrial projects, comprising 25%-40% of the total project cost and covering more than 50% of the total duration of the project. The layout design of MEP system is generally based on client and system requirements, space limitations, interference within the system as well as with other trades. Not much consideration is given to the design optimization as per fabrication and constructability perspective thereby often adding significant cost and time to a project in term of its component manufacturing. This paper introduces Design for Manufacture approach into MEP system design to reduce the manufacturing cost of varieties of MEP components by using mass customized components. Mass customization is the ability to design and produce customized products to meet customer needs at reduced cost and duration. We propose a framework to automatically develop the layout of the piping system using mass customized components as a reference, which can be used for other MEP aspects such as Mechanical & Electrical with relevant changes. We hypothesize that using mass customized MEP components will increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of manufacturing the MEP components. The paper presents a theoretical framework that is the basis for further research.
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