Implementation of lean construction in client organizations - An Analysis of the status quo in Germany

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Lean Construction is a management approach that is not only relevant for construction companies but also for their clients. The goal of this paper is to present the current status of strategies for implementation of Lean Construction within client-side organizations in Germany. A significant foundation principle in Lean Construction is the definition of value from the perspective of the client. Value is predominantly defined through the design and functional quality of a building as well as keeping to the defined time and cost objectives. In construction, the developer as a client has several tasks to fulfil which have a significant impact on the success of a project. Some developers seek to actively contribute to defining and managing meeting of their own client wishes. This requires using the approach and tools of Lean Construction, and these efforts have resulted in implementation strategies. Analysis of the status of implementation within client-side organizations was completed through interviews with eight companies in Germany. This paper will explain the method of data collection, the structure of the organizations surveyed. The implementation strategies will be described for each organization and classified according to the applicable framework conditions. The results determined that the companies use various approaches which are at different stages of implementation. This paper thereby provides a preliminary empirical overview of the situation regarding implementation of Lean Construction by development companies in Germany, and can be used by other developers as a basis for their first steps in implementing Lean Construction.
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