Janosch Dlouhy

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Mastering complexity in takt planning and takt control - Using the three level model to increase efficiency and performance in construction projects

When scheduling a construction project, resource consumption, efficiency of the trades, external influences and the possible changes within the construction process must be taken into account. Hence, the complexity of the construction schedule and an exact planning is difficult. So often the time buffers are...

Analysis of the activities of site and project managers - Implications from the perspective of creating value

Construction projects are complex and include various processes, which have to be managed by a construction team. The position of a site manager or project manager (below we will use the term construction manager (CM)) plays an important role for the success of projects, because...
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Large scale project using takt planning and Takt control-creating and sustaining multitasking flow

Takt planning and Takt control (TPTC) is a production system approach that is most commonly used in individual construction projects. The approach has not yet been implemented systematically in a large-scale project, like a Greenfield automotive plant (complete new plant from scratch) with all facilities...
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Short takt time in construction - A practical study

Takt Planning and Takt Control (TPTC), as a method of Lean Construction, has been developed over years and has increasing applications in construction practice over the last years. The collective understanding is that this method can only be implemented when there is a high level...
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Evaluation of customer value by building owners in the construction process

Lean Construction is mainly linked to the creation of value for the client/customer. Rarely do construction publications address methods or models to understand, determine, or define the core concept of this value. This paper gives an overview of existing approaches outside the construction sector and...